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It’s National Adoption Month, and one of the things we believe in at CASA is having a safe environment for children to grow and thrive.

Unfortunately, not all children are privileged with biological parents who can take care of them for different reasons: this is why programs like ours spread awareness and fight for the betterment of those children.

We fully believe in advocating for children while they are in the foster care system to help them go back to their biological parents if it is safe to do so, or be placed in a home that could or would eventually adopt them. Changing a child’s story is important to us, and we are looking for volunteers to help us in our mission. 

Adoption is not a light-hearted subject. Many families consider adoption, but not many follow through. There are over 23,000 children who age out of foster care and go into the real world without having the stability they need to thrive. One of the reasons some families do not adopt is the costs. After hospital bills, court costs, and other legal fees, families can pay around $40,000. However, adopting through fostering can be cheaper, and that is the route most families go.

No matter the age of the child, adoption is scary for everyone involved. Yes, it is beautiful to bring a child into your home if you can give them a loving home, but it does come with its trials. Make sure you prepare for the tough questions that will come. It might not be right away, but they might have questions about their biological parents, where they were born, and why them. This is not to deter you from adopting if that is something you are interested in doing, but it is something to consider. 

The Huffington Post did an article in 2016 about adopted children and what they had to say. One of the adoptees said, “As an adopted child, I encourage other adoptees to remember what blessed lives we have. We weren’t abandoned; we were chosen. We were given a chance. I’m not saying it’s not hard or that it’s easy for people to understand. But it really isn’t for the world to understand; it’s for the people who are involved.” This outlook is something some people struggle to understand.

A few years ago, adoption was something tucked away. You didn’t mention you were adopted, and sometimes adoptees didn’t even know. But now, with more resources and awareness, one out of twenty-five households in the United States has adopted a child. 

We still have a lot to do and learn when it comes to adoption. That’s why it is so important for programs like CASA to exist. Children with advocates reach a permanent home faster. There are different ways to help if you cannot be an advocate. Donating money or even your time on the administrative side helps more than you know. In the end, the goal is to make sure the child is in a safe home with people who love and care for them. Find out how you can help by calling the Autauga CASA office at 334.610.5962.

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